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Spectrum technology announced a $100 million bid for RACES plath TrueTouch touch business
Data:2015-06-12 , 

Headquarters is located in California's silicon valley imaging and transmission interface chip of leading companies - spectrum rui technology and embedded system, the high performance chip suppliers - plath semiconductor today signed a formal asset sale and purchase agreement, spectrum, the company will be a price of $100 million in cash to buy game plath TrueTouch ® mobile device touch.

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Transaction is completed, spectrum technology will not only provide TrueTouch solutions for the mobile device, and the application will expand to other consumers, the service market including smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, monitors, wear device, GPS, digital cameras and other industrial applications. Sephora, will use its technology in automotive and appliances market advantage and customer relations, continue to provide the market with TrueTouch solution. Game for mobile devices provide CapSense plath ® solution remains unchanged.

Spectrum rui the company believes that the purchase TrueTouch touch business will greatly expand the company's target market. Combining with spectrum co in eDP market leadership of the sequential controller and sephora in capacitive touch sensor's top science and technology, spectrum, the company is expected to be display its clients with platform level solutions based on complete product portfolio. At the same time, through this trade, and spectrum can enhance the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

Spectrum red chief executive reyn., h doctor said: \"we believe the plath's leading technology and patent portfolio touch sensor, not only will provide immediate growth opportunities for spectrum co, and can increase company operating scale and make more diverse sources of revenue and customer base. More importantly, the combination of the two technology leader will make the spectrum of co were introduced touch and integrated solutions.\"

Sephora, managing director and CEO T.J. Rodgers said: \"the industry demand for integrated touch and display system is gradually increasing. Spectrum rui company has the industry's best display solutions and the international first-class close relationships, personal computers and consumer electronics manufacturers will continue to service our customers to become the best choice.\"

\"Plath TrueTouch ® capacitive touch screen solution with industry best waterproof and manic performance, passive resistance capacitance pen and touch gloves, and close to the induction and the face detection function, can be in a wide range of bad environment to provide the user with a solid performance guarantee and natural user experience. Sephora, industry-leading portfolio of patents, has more than 100 patents of capacitive touch sensor, including single detached multi-touch sensor for the real single sensor solutions and can greatly reduce the cost of the touch screen.

Spectrum co plans will be made by disposable cash fund $100 million price. Delivery of this transaction will be done for general condition, once the deal is expected in the third quarter 2015 fiscal year. The transaction spectrum rui companies financial adviser Lazard Freres & Co. LLC, legal adviser to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. And plath's counsel is Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

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